Beholding the Eternal Flame.


Sleeping children dreaming many dreams,

through a mirror reflection do they perceive.

placed in the this Earth so they too could be saved.

For those who never chose Life but strife,

gave the world all they had.

What they took only made them sad.

Within an empty shell only Love could fill.

Miss-fortunate ones that did not His Will.


It’s up to you and how you choose to be,

how you wish to spend Eternity.

For Heaven and Hell are in your heart,

Love or Hate its not too late,

to remember the spark of who you truly are.


Let your Spirit ignite inside,

and behold it’s eternal flame.


From all your sins and taint full deeds,

hearts without a song the Holy Mother sees,

and sheds many tears for those choked up by the weeds.


Miss fortunate Ones who turned into pawns,

in the War against the Soul.

Ages fought, in the end their souls lost,

into Oblivion, a world of chaos.

Death they’ll see because they fear it,

instead of God alone who subjected all to it.


When the dream fades,

They’ll see what lies they believed,

that blinded their vision.

The Truth was always right there in their hearts.

Without a Saviors Love they know not how to get there,

So they remain lost, forever.


By Daniel Derieg  2017 © Copy right. All rights reserved.





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