Revelations of Heaven.

The predicament our planets in,

a trap we laid for ourselves.

seeking worldly desires and the possession of all things.

Thinking life is only lived,

from birth to our death,

This present existence.


Trapped in its snare until you remember,

That life continues on forever,

You need to search inside and find the Truth,

of who you really are.


Have you heard the revelation,

being spoken from within,


That All of Creation,

are are awaiting with expectation,

the revelation of the Children of God.


God awaits patiently, for All His children,

to realize their wrong doing and seek His forgiveness.

Knowing that the veil,

will one day be lifted off the eyes of their souls,

then will they see clearly and the Truth be known.


Awakened from sleep, 

their souls reborn and embraced,

like a mother does her newly born child,

with unconditional, everlasting love.


Rejoicing is heard in Heaven,

the voices of Angels singing,

a lost sheep in the wilderness is found,

another child of the Father has come Home.


By Daniel Derieg 2017 © Copy right. All rights reserved.



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