Blue Thunder

Verse 1:

A sudden flash seen in the distant,

rumblings and peals of thunder.

Clash of Titans, warriors taking arms.

Heavens musicians at it again.

Hurtling thunderbolts,

come crashing to the ground.



Where can you go for cover now?

Where can you go for shelter?

You don’t know.

Trumpets being blown,

sounding the alarms.

Calling forth a rain storm.

Jamming in symphony,

Blue Thunder

white lightning.


Verse 2:

Nature lashing back in thrashing fury.

Caught in the attack it’s a dashing hurry.

For cover but it’s nowhere to be found.


Verse 3:

Four horsemen released through the field of beasts.

Carrying with them the cure for corruption,

bringing about their,



Daniel Derieg © 2017 Copyright. All rights reserved.