Reaction to Trump Presidency



They’re reaction is ludicrous! So they are in favor or a corrupt globalist puppet for the elite that is a high priestess of satanism, who runs a pedophile ring and is supportive of open boarders, gays, abortions and Muslims invading America to set up sharia law. There has never been such a corrupt politician that has so many people paid off to look the other way. Trump tells the truth to America, uses his own money that he EARNED to campaign and wants to do what every American should do. Close our boarders, bring jobs back, stop the TPP and corporations and foreign countries exploiting our land and resources and people. The democratic socialists are pushing and anti-Christ progressive agenda to dissolve our Sovereignty and usher in a NWO globalist union with the Antichrist and false prophet at the head. This was an act of God to keep that filth out of the White House. Any civil unrest or false flag events now is organized and engineered.  The bias main stream media can eat all the words they through at Trump. All the lies and unwarranted insults the media threw at Trump didn’t work to make the real Americans in this country not vote their conscience. You don’t like our country then LEAVE! No free rides EARN YOUR KEEP! We need to limit government and hang high the traitors in Washington that are so corrupt and stomp on our constitution every chance they get. These poor people are the product of a brainwashed education that they or their parents paid for. Shut off the CNN ABC< MBC<CBS and get a job! Telling the truth and sticking up for America doesn’t make Trump a racist. Get over yourself.


By Truth Warrior 11/9/2016