Dawning Awakening


It’s time for you to open up your eyes and self-realize,

use those ears and listen clear,

all of those who chose to turn from the Truth.


Awake oh Sleeper from within,

Let the eyes of your soul be made open.

From it’s slumber through-out the ages,

Generations past.

See through new eyes child like and

walk this dream now awake.


Ignorance is bliss but there’s no more time for this.

The hour glass of time is running out.

Soon to be the sand all used up,

then the grapes will be ripe and the Harvest will come.


A conscious decision only you can make,

which path will you choose to take.

The path of Truth that leads to new life,

or the path of Self, built upon lies.


Those who believe in Gods Son and repent of their sin shall inherit new life. For they overcome this world by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony.

Daniel Derieg © 1998

Cryptic Tide All Rights Reserved.