Ultimate Freedom


Searches does the mind,

from thought to thought,

throughout its days,

inside the heart aches.

A desire to be free and live for eternity.

Love is the way, still the mystics say,

and the name of the Son,

is Your ticket to freedom.


Bringing the burning lamp,

into darkness,

Thoughts of appreciation held within,

the right and left how to begin.

Building on the foundation,

furthering Creation,


as a child would see.

Wondering Seeker,

story book reader,

seeking to know,

the Truth centered in Love.

Freeing your mind to an Ultimate Freedom.


Humans the prototype to be something great,

Universal beings on a cosmic voyage,

throughout Eternity.


On a boat of wonder does one ride inside,

to search the souls mind for forgotten memories.

Choosing something that the sojourner,

seeks to experience and know.

For only in the Light the Truth we behold

when the Souls heart becomes One with it’s Maker,

Joining in a symphony of Life,

Singing unending praise to our Creator.


By Daniel Derieg, 2017 © Copy right. All rights reserved.









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