Whispers in the wind.

Through the dreamers eye,

you can perceive a side of imagination,

hidden behind a veil.


Knowledge, perception,

with it’s depths unknown,

still yearning, still searching,

for a place called home.


Images growing brighter,

our weight gets lighter,

when we sit back and behold the eternal fire.



Passion igniting,

the spark bursts into flame.

Watching the burning embers,

rise in a whirlwind.


Colors flowing in a harmonious cascade,

a musical symphony that carry’s you away,

loosing  yourself yet finding everything.

Learning to fly on the wings of your Spirit.


Seeking the Truth not found without.

Love draws close what seems far off.

Only the Spirit knows the inner depths of man.

When our eyes become One,

and we peer into the Son in Man.


There’s nothing impossible for the one who can soar,

no place to far for the Seeker to explore.

when you humble your heart and look within

listening to whispers carried on the wind.


By Daniel Derieg


©Copy write All rights reserved.






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