Universal Truth

Stepping out of illusionary,

into the real reality.

Imaginary… the beginning of remembering.

Quieting the mind and going within,

only love the key to open your doors of perception.


The Seeker with courage going through the unknown,

Finding understanding the knowing of the whole.

The veil being lifted from the eyes of the soul,

letting go of your personal ego.



Glimpses of eternity stepping outside of time,

Experiencing the cosmos with everything entwined.

Sailing the Seas of the Universal Mind.


Overtaken by Euphoria as the Spirit soars,

into different dimensions,

reaching higher vibrations.

Soul searching for forgotten memories.


Learning and growing as your filled with a knowing,

that All is One.

Every person is apart of God.

Acknowledging the Presence that IS.

God Is.


Our souls have lived from the very beginning,

and will continue living forever.

We are that which IS.


Metaphysical, the real reality.

All are thought forms,

light and energy patterns.

Anywhere in the Universe,

can be reached in a single moment.

with just a thought,

the will moves the Spirit.


Boundaries are limitless,

Gods mercy and love boundless and never ending.

A state of Total Being.


Since we all are One and many have forgotten,

then we must help each other awaken from their deep slumber,

To remember and to know when the Light of the Lord,

reaches the Soul.


Then will the Human race reach it’s ultimate goal,

To be reunited with their Creator,

finally coming home.


The child within seeks their Father and calls out His name

with Faith in Love,

For those who believe this world overcome,

receive the Eternal Gift of His Son.


By Daniel Derieg 4/14/2017


For even He says,

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13 NIV

© Copy write All rights reserved.









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