Rochester, MN summer chemtrailing


     While working around Rochester and its surrounding towns I like many rejoice when the Sun is out on a clear day. Sky’s were once a beautiful blue but nowadays thanks to the military, globalist financiers and our government we can thank them for sky’s zigzagged from sun up to sun down. I watch as it progressively gets worse from just a strip high up in the sky to slowly widen and fall on the unsuspecting people, their land, farms, animals, kids playing, elderly taking walks and anyone else in their path. This phenomenon is not just here in MN but across the nation. I tried to voice my concern with my state legislators and Governor just to get an auto reply from them stating they appreciate my concern. So what is a concerned parent to do? Rant on social media that is monitored by the CIA and the NSA. Profiling us as political dissidents because we disagree with the status quo and are not brainwashed like the masses and ask questions, strong willed and think for ourselves. I don’t buy into the political correctness that’s transforming our nation into spineless pussies who do anything for a hand out. I’ve worked hard and will continue to and never had it handed to me.

While information on the internet is still free and speaking the truth is almost a crime or hate speech to some fag or muslim or progressive democratic socialist. Our time is short to educate people to understand that their way of life and the future of our children and this nation is at stake.
 How many people suffer from chronic fatigue, muscle aches and pains, allergies when they never had them before, asthma, and other related respiratory  issues. The covert war that is being waged allows for plausible deniability, you must be nuts to think otherwise. Stick your head outside and look for yourself. This is a great resource that has a lot of information on the subject.  I hope whoever reads this can think outside the box and wake up in the matrix to start thinking for yourself and question what your told.

God Bless America,

Son of Light.