Dreams and Visions

When I was about 11 or 12 years of age I had a dream I’d never forget. I found myself somewhere in space. With no fear just peace completely in awe of everything around me. Then I realized I was not  alone. There was a woman over my right shoulder. She had long flowing dark hair, eyes that sparked and a beautiful smile. She was wearing a silvery flowing gown almost angelic. I felt and peace around her and she said not to worry but that she wanted to show me something. She pointed to the stars beyond so far yet when we looked at them it zoomed in like they were right in front of us. She said from this area of the heavens it would come. It sounded like M81 but I can’t be sure. It was definitely a galaxy of some sort given as a place of reference for me.

The next thing I know we found ourselves above the Earth. I don’t know the exact distance of course but I would say it was massive and took up 2/3 of my view. It was an amazing sight with a brilliant majestic glow to it. However, that  moment was shortly lived. As I was watching the Earth with intrigue, this woman with me pointed again off into the distant and I saw a huge Asteroid. It was on a collision course with the Earth. I tried to focus and zoomed in even closer seeing a sideways profile of the land and the oceans as it drew closer. I gasped with a panic to do something but felt completely helpless as it burst into flames like a burning mountain being cast into the Sea. As the Earth was rotating it had just missed the continents and landed in the ocean between 2 continents. I watched as the seas rose high and began to swallow up the coast lands. The massive waves that this thing produced covered at least a third of the continents inland from massive tsunami.  I want to say it looked like it landed in the Atlantic on the East side of South America and West of Africa.

I wish I could recall more but this was about 20 years ago. One thing about future dreams or future events, those dreams / visions you never forget.

Daniel Derieg 1994 © All rights Reserved.


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